The Philosophy of the Anthropocene

Date(s) - 07/05/2017
12:00 pm - 2:30 pm

The Draft House Westbridge

Iain Orr

An introduction to the Anthropocene:

The talk will fall into three sections. First, what implications has the Anthropocene – as an emerging geological concept – for other disciplines: biology, theology, anthropology and philosophy? Second, should Homo sapiens aspire to be the steward of the natural world; indeed, is H sapiens now unable to avoid that responsibility?  Are there non-H.sapiens candidates for that role? Third, what are the political, economic and ethical implications of anthropic global commons? [i.e. What can any human individual, community or country own – and what does ownership mean?] Benjamine Kunkel’s review essay The Capitalocene  in the 2 March 2017 issue of the London Review of Books” is a good introduction to the subject.

LRB · Benjamin Kunkel · The Capitalocene: The Anthropocene




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