Jan 2012
No Meeting
 05 Feb 2012
Bob Clarke – Denigrating Reason
 04 Mar 2012
Heward Wilkinson – A Modest Defence of Post-Modernism
 01 Apr 2012
Bernard Downs – ‘The Good Life, Today.
 06 May 2012
Nick Hyman – Voyaging with Lewis Carroll with Gilles Deleuze’s Tackle on Board.
 03 Jun 2012
Heward Wilkinson – Science Fiction and the Ethics of Personhood: Hegel’s Master and Servant Paradox Exemplified
in Isaac Asimov’s Robot Novels.
 01 July 2012
Ben Basing – Virtue Ethics as an alternative to Utilitarianism or Kantian Deontology
 05 Aug 2012
Heward Wilkinson – Can the Poet really be a Philosopher? The Case of Samuel Taylor Coleridge: Philosopher or
Something Other?
 02 Sep 2012
Nicholas Hyman – Giordano Bruno 1548-1600. Memory, Prescient Free Thought, Roman Martyrdom and Life Beyond the Earth.
 07 Oct 2012
Ben Basing – Music, Plato & Popper
 04 Nov 2012
Bob Clarke – What can we do with Kantian Ethics ?
 02 Dec 2012
Heward Wilkinson – Is there any escape from Hume’s Paradox of Perception – that neither Realism nor Idealism (phenomenalism) are credible to a philosopher, and that we are simply left with Animal Faith? Is there a fundamental problem with Hume’s implicit appeal to the Body?